Our Guidelines for Health and Safety(2020.8.15)

News 2020年6月1日


 Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio has been practicing new health and safety protocols, in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines from Japanese government. We ask all visitors and studio users to understand the code of conduct prior to your visit / application and act accordingly. Our new protocols are as follows.


For All Visitors and Studio Users
We ask you to refrain from entering the facility when
・You have a fever over 37.5℃ or symptoms of COVID-19* within two weeks prior to your visit
 *Cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, new lack of ability to taste or smell, eye pain, redness of conjunctiva, headache, joint pain, muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting
・ You have had an intimate physical contact with those who are tested positive for / have possibility to be infected with COVID-19
・You have not yet spent 14 days after arriving in Japan from regions subjected to entry restrictions under Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.


Coronavirus advisory information – JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization)
Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


At the Entrance, We Ask You
・To clean your hands with an equipped hand sanitizer
・To wear a mask
・To practice social distancing
・To fill in an entry card*
 *Information acquired through the entry cards will be submitted to public health institutions as a source of reference for research on infection cases that involves our visitors / studio users. Cards will be used only for such purpose and will be discarded after a certain period. 


Studio Apartments
Capacity Is Reduced
 In order to secure a safer environment for all studio users, during the pandemic, we are limiting the number of Studio Apartment residents. Below is the updated numbers of residents at Studio Apartment B & C. (No alternation for Studio A) 

 Studio B: 3 residents —> 2 residents
 Studio C: 4 residents —> 3 residents


Code of Conduct for Users

Before Check-In
・Take temperature every day from a week prior to check-in.
 *We ask you to either cancel your stay or alter the schedule if you have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19. Please contact us over your condition if it’s alarming.
・Sign-up will be conducted outside of the office for less density in the room.
・Verify your emergency contact.

During Your Stay
・Take temperature every morning and night. Studio users are encouraged to bring one’s own thermometer.
・Wear a mask in public areas.
・Practice coughing manners.
・Sanitize your hands and gargle.
・Practice social distancing in shared spaces (ex. kitchen, laundry room, smoking room) and avoid crowded hours.


Multi-purpose Studios

Agreements on Application
・No more than 15 participants involved
・Avoid any physical contact among participants. Practice social distancing. When the programme involves eating or drinking, take at least 1 meter of distance among participants.
・The organizer is required to compose a completed roster of participants.
・If any of the studio users are found infected by the COVID-19, the organizers will be requested to report information to public health organizations, including local public health centers. Please find attachment for the format. There’s no need to submit the roster to Tenjinyama Art Studio. You can treat the document on your own responsibility.
 We opened our Multi-purpose Studio admission on June 2nd, followed by Studio Apartment admission opening on July 10th for Hokkaido residents, and on August 1st, for residents in Japan. Nonetheless, we ask you to understand that the confirmed schedule and programme may well be altered or cancelled unexpectedly, due to rising numbers of infection cases. Please also note that even in such a case, no compensation will be made for any programme or resident.
Code of Conduct for Users
Prior to the collective visit, organizers are required to inform all participants with these items;
・Sanitize your hands with an equipped sanitizer at the entrance.
・Only one out of all the participants are allowed to enter the office. Sign up as a group through one representative.
・Wear a mask when the programme involves a lot of talking or vocal activities in any form.
・Practice social distancing.
・Do not leave any trash.


What We Do
 To maintain the risk of contamination low at our space, some arrangements of it have been reconsidered. Here’s what we’ve been working on for the new spatial setting.
・We built a hand sanitizing station at the entrance.
・We placed an entry card collection box.
・We changed the spatial layout of our public salon.
・We temporarily removed equipment that could invite visitors / studio users to close physical contacts.
・We sanitize high-touch areas including door handles, handrails, light switches, desks, the piano, and automatic doors. Sanitization will be conducted four times a day, particularly at 8:30 a.m., 12 p.m., 15 p.m., and 18 p.m. .
・Our library books taken and read will be collected and set under quarantine for 72 hours.
・We offer limited public access to the northern area of the ground floor, including no entry to restrooms there. Restrooms in the southern area are available for all visitors.


 We are committed to safety management in our space alongside making it a better environment for creatives. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.