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As a general rule, the multipurpose studios are available to anyone for activities such as the creation of artworks and holding meetings, etc.
They are located approximately 30 minutes from the center of Sapporo via Sapporo Municipal Subway and a short walk. A quiet environment within Tenjinyama Park has been created for all studios, and the park scenery can be seen from all studios.


【Use from June 2020 onwards】
 The studio is open from June 2nd, with primary responsiveness to the new guideline for public hygiene, issued by the government. For the health of our community and applicant yourself, we ask for your cooperation. The guideline is as follows.

〈When applying for Multi-Purpose Studio, please note that〉
 ・No more than 15 people to join
 ・Avoid any physical contact among participants. Practice social distancing. When the programme involves eating or drinking, take at least 1 meter of distance among participants.
 ・The organizer is required to compose a completed roster of participants.

If any of studio users are found infected by the COVID-19, the organizers will be requested to report information to public health facility, including local public health center. Please find attachment for the format. There’s no need to submit the roster to Tenjinyama Art Studio. You can treat the document on your own responsibility. 


Multipurpose Studio Availability The information may not be up to date. Please contact us by email.

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Using the Studios

Please read the following before making an application.

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Application Period

Applications can be made at least one business day and up to six months in advance of the date of use (excluding weekends, national holidays, the year-end/New Year holidays, and days when the facility is closed).
* If you wish to cancel, please let us know at least five days prior to the date of use. Cancellations made less than five days before the scheduled booking will incur the full cost of the booking.
* Residents of the Studio Apartments who wish to use a multipurpose studio may apply up to twelve months in advance because the studio will be used during the same period.

How to Apply

Please check the availability of the studios.

1. Please download an application form to use the Multipurpose Studios. Alternatively, applications forms are available at the Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio office.

2. The following files have been compressed into a zip format. Please unzip the files after downloading.  
 Multipurpose Studio Application (Word file)
 Multipurpose Studio Application (PDF file)

3. Please fill in the required fields on the Multipurpose Studio Application form and submit it in one of the following ways:

* Applications are not accepted by telephone. * Please make sure you use the correct FAX number.
* If you have not heard back from us three days after submitting an application, please contact us via email or telephone.

How to Pay

Please pay the usage charges in cash at the facility on the day of use.

How to Cancel

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Available Spaces

Image: Facility Map / Ground floor

Multipurpose Studio A

Image: Multipurpose Studio A
Size Area approximately 72.0m2/ 12.0m wide X 6.0m long X 2.6m high
Entrance 1.2m wide X 2.0m long
Amenities folding table, chairs, blackboard (fixed), screen (fixed), speakers
  • This is the largest of the Multipurpose Studios.
  • A partition is available, making it possible to divide the studio into two rooms.

Multipurpose Studio B

Image: Multipurpose Studio B
Size Area approximately 71.0m2/ 11.8m wide X 6.0m long X 2.6m high
Entrance 1.2m wide X 2.6m long
Amenities folding meeting table, chairs
  • The wood grain floor creates a calm atmosphere in the room.
  • This is the perfect room for dance or practicing performances, etc.

Multipurpose Studio C

Image: Multipurpose Studio C
Size Area 60.0m2/ 10.8m wide X 5.6m long X 2.6m high
Entrance 1.12m wide X 2.0m long
Amenities folding meeting table, chairs, whiteboard (fixed), screen, speakers
  • The whole room is bright, making it suitable for both meetings and creating artwork.

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The following amenities can be lent free of charge to people using the Multipurpose Studios (reservations required/first come, first served)

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Available Hours and Charges

Table of time slots and charges for the Multipurpose Studios (per room)


Time slots





Morning (9:00-12:00)


Afternoon (13:00-17:00)


Evening (18:00-21:00)


All day (9:00-21:00)


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