Basic concept of Open Call AIR Program 公募AIRプログラムの基本的な考え方

未分類 2021年4月1日

Previous artists of  Open Call AIR Program

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Up until now the International Open Call AIR Program has supported artists whose aim was to base new works/projects on ideas arrived at through research in the Sapporo / Hokkaido area. Artists would travel from one place to another, experiencing chance encounters with the unknown and sensing the strange aura of the place that promotes a positive effect on their work. This motivation of each artist is supported and encouraged by the opportunities provided by AIR programs. Artists meet a variety of people and go to diverse places and events, giving them a new perspective with which to question themselves. Depending on each artist’s disposition, they find a unique route to negotiate these journeys and meetings, like the way water increases its degree of purity through many filtering processes. In imagining such a mechanism for the AIR program, I fancied it would provide the artists with a grand tour of the region of Sapporo /Hokkaido which contains such unique charm and nuanced atmospheres. This is the basic concept of the AIR program.

The invited artists will research Sapporo and Hokkaido, and enjoy dialogues with other artists, directors, coordinators and people in Sapporo. At the end of the program period, the resulting presentation will be disseminated through a format in keeping with the content of the artists’ works/projects such as exhibition, talk, workshop, publishing, owned media, performative presentation, etc.

AIR program at SAPPORO TENJINYAMA ART STUDIO isn’t just for artists.

Sapporo/Hokkaido is where the invited artists implement their field research and where their singular visions can thrive. The region provides us with the opportunity to think together and learn in such a way to frame our lived experience of the localities. By viewing and discovering the local area together, we come to recognize ourselves fundamentally in relation to the richness and joy of the region. More than that, being involved in the growing process of one artist experiencing Sapporo/Hokkaido, gives us a sense of satisfaction, as it is like appearing in one’s own personal story.

“One good turn deserves another” – It seems that by virtue of just living here, whether as an  artist or local person, we are actually profiting. 

(text by Mami Odai, AIR Director of Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio)







(文責:AIRディレクター 小田井真美)