Exhibition 滑らかな地面 smooth ground_クアーゼ・カチ Quase Cachi

ArtistEvent 2023年11月4日


■ アーティスト:クアーゼ・カチ Quase Cachi(マリアナ・クレメント Mariana Clemente)

■ 会期:2023年11月14日(火)ー19日(日)8:45-21:00

■ 会場:天神山アートスタジオ 1階 展示スペース

■ 入場・参加無料

■ 展覧会「滑らかな地面 smooth ground」について

We live enslaved to our own ideas, unwilling to change our perceptions of the world.
Chão liso emerges from the desire to fill the gap of ignorance and connect two countries separated by distance. Despite Portugal and Japan sitting on different ideals, we realize that they both share similarities.
The exhibition will explore topics such as the language barrier, stereotypes, fears of returning to one’s country of origin, the desire to share a meal, and the need to compare the two realities.


■ アーティストステイトメント

Artist statement
(Quase Cachi |1994 |Porto)
The work presented is born from the perception of the current world. Through my work, I strive to shed light on the flaws, fears, and struggles that plague us as a species. Despite these challenging themes, I believe that there is always hope and resilience to be found, and I aim to convey this sense of optimism through my use of contrasting black and white against vibrant colour.
The illustrations are highly detailed, and I incorporate a variety of mediums to bring my visions to life. While enjoy experimenting with different materials, markers are primary tool of choice. These versatile tools allow me to layer colours in a way that creates depth and intensity, bringing out the nuances of each piece.
Through my illustrations, I hope to provoke reflection and introspection, helping viewers to confront the darker sides of humanity and find the strength to persevere in the face of adversity.


■ 略歴

アーティストのウエブサイト https://quasecachi.myportfolio.com/

Mariana Clemente (Porto, 1994)

The creative world of art has always been an illusion for me. I was born with creativity, and it quickly slipped through my hands as I got older. Fortunately, during a period of sadness and melancholia in 2015 I started again to explore magical worlds in my head, places that I had been unable to visit in a long time. Since then, I have created my character quase Cachi.  
With a degree in international trade, I acquired the necessary patience to lean over the details of my drawings, while waiting for the days of boring classes to come to an end. In 2019, I decided to change the course of my journey, I entered the Master of Illustration and Animation at Ipca and the Specialization in Illustration at FBAUP. A choice that allowed me to pursue my dream.