International Open Call AIR Program 2022-2023 for artists _2022年度国際公募AIRプログラムにむけて。アーティストのみなさんへ

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 International Open Call AIR Program 2022-2023 for artists 

Over the course of two years due to the covid-19 pandemic, SAPPORO TENJINYAMA ART STUDIO tried out a new format; an online residency.

Artist In Residence (AIR) is an opportunity to come across something new for artists. In my opinion, AIR should be a place where artists shouldn’t aim for instant results but rather experiment and embrace failures. This thinking clearly makes AIR distinct from other art activities, such as making exhibitions or events for public participation.

We have an ongoing problem, which is that it is difficult to attract local attention for artists’ activities in AIR when they come from beyond the local area. By listening to comments from the artists who participated in the online residency and to thoughts from AIR organizers, we found one of the solutions to alleviate this dilemma was to make events in which exhibitions were built together with the local people. Even though the artists couldn’t be there, the exhibition could present the artists’ train of thought about their work to the audiences. We built a good relationship with artists through communication online, however I must say that after experiencing the material actuality of installations that had been shipped to us, I finally perceived a physical feeling from the collaborations. It may sound strange but I came to recognize the importance of exhibitions through building them without the artists being present; even though this is a situation that often happens.

As a result we made two changes to the Air program, firstly incorporating an exhibiting event into AIR marks a focus that is different from previous International Open Call AIR Programs. This year’s program will be divided into two periods: AIR and exhibition (presentations of artworks/projects produced during the AIR) period. In reality, there isn’t adequate time to realize the full scope of this ambition and so I feel uncomfortable about the contradiction between the reality of achieving it and my aim as a program designer. However, together with artists who are willing to try it, we will take this first step.

A second difference is that only art collectives/groups made up of Japanese artists and foreign artists who are based overseas can apply. We developed communication skills with online tools over the past two years that I would like to take advantage of so as to enable art collectives/groups to work on new works/projects in Japan through AIR. For the first time in three years, we are finally accepting artists from abroad. SAPPORO TENJINYAMA ART STUDIO will also resume accepting applications from overseas artists who have secured their own funding. However, obtaining permission for foreigners to travel to Japan is still not guaranteed: the pandemic is still ongoing and Japan has only allowed a limited number of foreigners to enter the country (as of May 2022) and the war in Ukraine adds further uncertainty to the ability to travel. In light of this, this year’s international AIR program has ensured that at least one Japanese artist in an art collective/group can visit Sapporo, even if the restrictions to enter Japan become stricter.

The online residency that we ran for the past two years has been more meaningful than expected.  It allowed us to expand our learning environment on a global scale via the internet and to delve into new aspects of art projects. However, it was completely different from the AIR that I wanted, which is a platform for site-specific and research-based art projects. So, I want to think of the online residency as being a pre-residency for the new AIR. I would like to welcome the artists who participated to come in person to Sapporo to compensate for the shortcomings of the online residency. In this way we attempt to experience a different life in a new era together. Removing ourselves from a nostalgic understanding of the past, I would like to create more interesting learning opportunities than ever before.


AIR Director Mami Odai


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