Report: Artist talk by TONBO (Ana&Nico)

Report 2022年11月29日

11月27日、Ana Rosa Ibanez(アナ・ロサ・イバネス)とNicolas Matzner(ニコラス・マッツネル)によるユニットTONBOのプレゼンテーションが行われました。

On November 27, Ana Rosa Ibanez and Nicolas Matzner’s unit “TONBO” held an artist talk.
Screened video is work in progress. Through research in Akan in Hokkaido they took materials such as sceneries, Ainu musics and so on. 


Super wide angle video that used with 360° camera. They are going to screen it on big screens in the future.


Bath tab, tea from the pot, damn, the lake, all constructed images are related with water. so they met mukkuri maker in east Hokkaido, the video included mukkuri’s sound.


But why mukkuri?
In fact Nicolas was collecting mouth harp in his home country Chile and even introduced in broad cast programs. Apparently his grand mother had those kind of instruments.


 South America, India, Ukraine, and Hokkaido. Collecting mouth harp is his life work.  

He plays them really well. One from Ukraine is made with metal and strong sound. One from India sounds like a synthesizer!

1歳のカイくんもムックリを頑張っています。One year old Kai tried too.

参加者とトークタイム。Talk time with participants.

Left one is from India. above one is Mukkuri in Hokkaido. And some from Ukraine and so on.