Exhibition 札幌に落ちる Haust í Sapporo_ベルタ・ドゥッグBirta Dögg Bessadóttir

Event 2023年11月23日

■ アーティスト:ベルタ・ドゥッグBirta Dögg Bessadóttir

■ 会期:2023年11月23日(木・祝)ー28日(火)8:45-21:00

■ 会場:天神山アートスタジオ 1階 正面玄関横のスペース

■ 入場・参加無料

■ 展覧会「札幌に落ちる Haust í Sapporo」について

Haust í Sapporo is a window into autumn in Sapporo. Inspiration is taken from colours and beautiful landscapes because no matter who you are and where you’re from, everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature.

「札幌に落ちるHaust í Sapporo」は札幌の秋を紹介する『窓』です。どんな人でも、その人がどこから来たのかも関係なく、誰もが自然の美しさを楽しむことができるという理由で、色彩や美しい景観からインスピレーションを受けます。

■ アーティストについて


Birta Dögg Bessadóttir is a fiber artist from iceland. Their work consists mostly of crochet wearables, patternmaking and freehand crochet. They work mostly with thrifted and handmade yarn but also other fibers such as plastic bags or old t-shirts. Growing up in Iceland, fiber arts form an essential part of the culture. Being surrounded by this inspired Birta from a young age, they represent to them a sense of belonging. In their practice, they try to shift between styles and materials in hopes of creating out of the norm designs and patterns.