Exhibition なぜかわからないけど、そうするしかなかった/don’t know why, I just had to. _サガ・ウン/Saga Unn

ArtistEvent 2023年10月3日


この展覧会は、インスタレーション 展示①と、アーティスト自身によるスタジオ・ツアー②とで構成されます。アートスクールのあと日本語も学ぶなど日本への興味が高いアーティストです。静かでフレンドリーなアーティストがガイドするツアーに、ぜひお気軽にご参加ください。

■ アーティスト:サガ・ウン/Saga Unn

■ 会期:

①インスタレーション 展示:2023年10月5日(木)ー12日(木)8:45-21:00


■ 会場:天神山アートスタジオ 1階 アートとリサーチセンター、及び、滞在スタジオ

■ 入場・参加無料

■ 展覧会「なぜかわからないけど、そうするしかなかった/don’t know why, I just had to.」について

‘I don’t know why, but I had to.’ is an exhibtion of a work of art created using the artist’s old text books, as well as a meditation on how people make meaning of the past and their lives. People’s hearts are not open books. When we open them up (if the action does not destroy them) there are only further mysteries.


■ アーティストステイトメント


Rather than something I want to over explain and intellectualise I believe art is ultimately experiential. Out of the ordinary and with an air of mystery, art is the matter of the soul. This is not something I impose on my own or others’ work as a rule, rather it is just how I would describe my own relationship with art and the creative process.

In my world art and the creative process is natural – even animal – compulsion. And my works meditations on the mysteries I see all around me, that persist despite humans’ attempts to know, explain and categorise everything. Art, like life and like nature, always has this unknowable element. It can be magical, and it can be dangerous.



■ 略歴
Saga Unn is an Icelandic artist, born in 1992. Saga graduated from Fjölbraut Breiðholts College in 2012 with a Stúdentspróf in visual art and went on to earn a BFA in Fine Art from Lasalle College of the Arts (Gols Smith).

Saga’s work has been exhibited in Iceland, Japan and Singapore. And in addition to studying art Saga also received a second BA in Japanese Studies from the University of Iceland in 2022.

More info: saga-unn.com