Katja Lee Eliad カティア・リー・エリアド 展示レポート

ArtistReport 2024年5月9日

5月1日(水)から8日(水)まで、滞在アーティスト、カティア・リー・エリアド の展示が行われました。





■ アーティストについて
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(b.1972, Tel Aviv) is a pluridisciplinary creator, working mainly with drawing, poetry, painting and video art. Starting from meditation, self-reflection and research, her conceptual practice is a complex process of abstrac

tization and healing, dealing with cultural mythologies that shape our collective body as divided according to various categories of differences such as race, gender, sexuality, nationality etc. While acknowledging the historical treatment of difference, Katja Lee Eliad makes a space for mourning, transformation and desire for change.