10/19(火)トーク・イベント@SCARTS 質問と話題提供をお待ちしています!(終了しました)/ Talk Event at SCARTS, Oct. 19th

EventNews 2021年10月1日

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画像は2020年度国際公募AIRプログラム招聘アーティストHeejung Choi[さっぽろさんぽ]展示風景の記録です。Photo by 小牧寿里








◇会場:札幌文化芸術交流センター SCARTS 1階 SCARTSコート

◇聞きて&話して:遠藤 水城(キュレーター)、小田井 真美(さっぽろ天神山アートスタジオAIRディレクター)



◇司会:漆 崇博(一般社団法人 AISプランニング)



方法①:オンラインフォーム → 10月18日(月)までに質問・話題を提供してください

方法②:会場にいく →トークイベント当日に発言するまたは紙に書いて提出してください








* This talk was documented in a video. The documentation will be published on websites of both SCARTS and Tenjinyama Art Studio, after the editorial works.

* The cover photo is a photographic documentation of the exhibition of ‘Sapporo Sampo’ by Heejung Choi, an invited artist for Tenjinyama’s international open call 2020. (Photographer: Yoshisato Komaki)


Artist in Residence as a framework to help promote artists’ migrations, has been under careful discussions regarding its traditional methodologies — or, even more so on its primary existential significance. When we especially think about AIR as an international program or as an invitation with aids, we the AIR practitioners had to shift our ways of thinking after cross-border travels of artists, previously having allowed their temporary stay outer their base, became barely impossible.

What we’ve got is a development where artists conduct one’s residency without visiting the locations of AIR organizers (like Tenjinyama Art Studio). Such programs, with their attempt to proceed themselves by communication and artists working remotely both via the internet, came to be given a general term the “Online Residency”.

Allowing oneself a self-contradiction — what is this new term or situation? Or, how do residencies respond to the artists who wished to visit residencies overseas or outside Sapporo?

We are going to do a little presentation to showcase Tenjinyama Art Studio’s chaotic attempts from 2020 to 2021, and to have an open Q&A discussion, about residency and artists’ practices.


Event Information

Date and time: October 19th, 2021, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Place: SCARTS Court, the first floor at Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center, SCARTS

Listener-Speakers: Mizuki Endo (curator), Mami Odai (AIR director at Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio), Min Hyun Kang (director at art space Barim, joins via zoom) 

Profiles of listener-speakers

Host: Takahiro Urushi (AIS Planning)

Free entrance, participants are required to submit one question or a topic.


● How to participate

method 1. Fill in this online form to submit questions/topics by Oct. 18th

method 2. Visit SCARTS Court to submit questions/topics on paper or deliver them by speech at the meeting

Up to 20 people are expected to be acceptable for the meeting *Number might change given the ventilation settings and crowdedness of the venue on the meeting day.


Organized by Sapporo Cultural Arts Foundation and Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio

*Since Aug. 2020, Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio has been accepting artists who reside in Japan, but overseas, and plan for one’s residency/creative activities with us.