アーティストと共同作業で「theatre on a cart/カートに乗った演劇」を創りませんか / Call for collaborators for ‘Theatre on a Cart’

ArtistNews 2021年9月8日

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「Theatre on a cart’ (カート上の劇場)」は、ベトナム/アメリカ合衆国の舞台美術分野の劇作家であるTra Nguyen/チャ・グエンからさっぽろ天神山アートスタジオのオンライン・レジデンシーに提案された作品制作となります。







日本語字幕原稿はこちら→チャ・グエン メッセージ動画和訳

質問サンプルはこちら_Theatre on cart台車に乗った演劇/劇場



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We are looking for collaborators!


Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio has been inviting two to three artists overseas to Sapporo, to help their creative work accompanied by sojourn (the method is called Artist-in-Residence, or AIR, in short). Our past invitee-artists, thanks to the Sapporo City’s generous invitation, got to meet the land Sapporo, Hokkaido, or people there, and successfully took a leap in their career driven by such encounters to work globally in the field of arts and culture.

This year, we are experimenting on an “Online Residency”, given the border restrictions due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. In our online programme, artists communicate with their co-workers in Sapporo via the Internet without any physical travel from their local area to Sapporo, building good relationships to conduct a fruitful creative process.


‘Theatre on a cart’ is a process of work submitted by Vietnamese theater maker Tra Nguyen specializing the theatric arts, who currently lives and works in the United States, for Tenjinyama’s online residency.

Nguyen’s idea suggests a new turn to make a theatrical work which can carry theater — on a cart — to the audiences despite the mobile restrictions that hold us from visiting the physical theater. In this theatrical work, the artist is especially aspire to collaborate with individuals in Sapporo who are 65 and up.




our plan for the project

step 1:

  –  Call for collaborators (,those are willing to answer artist’s questions and engage in conversations)

  –  Make a collective group of collaborators

  *all supposed to be finished by the middle of September

step 2:

  –  Conduct weekly online video meetings, simultaneously working on theatre pieces (meetings are expected to be held four to five times in total) 

step 3 (if possible):

  –  Broadcast the theater work live or filmed (about 15 mins) by the end of October.


Regarding the collaborative work, Tenjinyama Art Studio provides supports:

  • for collaborators to join online video meetings
  • of verbal interpretation (JA/EN) in conversations
  • for creative process in regard to the screening of the work
  • on costs for participation (such as traveling fee)


[ Contact ]

Mami Odai at Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio

call 011-820-2140