明日7/26(水)よりVincent Twardzik Ching ヴィンセント・トワジック・チンとTwardzik Ching Chor Leng チョー・レン・チンによる展覧会「赤い太陽の下にある桜の木にむけて、アプリコットキス – Apricot Kiss Falls for Cherry Tree Under a Red Sun」

Event 2023年7月25日

 “Apricot Kiss Falls for Cherry Tree Under a Red Sun”


 By The Resident Artists –  Vincent Twardzik Ching and Twardzik Ching Chor Leng



■ 日時:2023年7月26日(水)〜28日(金)8:45-21:00




Vincent Twardzik Ching ヴィンセント・トワジック・チン

I am fascinated with the rejuvenating and awe-inspiring qualities of the natural world. Wherever we travel and live my attention becomes focused on visiting and revisiting green spaces within or near cities, these spaces are where I discover my subjects and inspiration for making. The sites I am attracted to are often in-between worlds, places that most people would not visit on purpose and may actively avoid but these are also the kind of places that people looking for escape or refuge might seek out for many varied reasons, the homeless, the outsiders, the nature adventurers, and others. In these wild-edge places I feel a calm energy where the presence of past wanderers is only seen through abandoned objects or through narrow trod pathways. When immersed in these places for hours the subtle qualities of the land, the light, the movement and sounds of plants and creatures overtake my conscious mind and after some time I feel a shift, where I become an accepted part of the environment. It is my hope to create and share artworks that reflect something of this quiet acceptance and of the complex and eternal cycles of life that I am privileged to experience in these wild-edge places.



Twardzik Ching Chor Leng チョー・レン・チン

The vast nature in Hokkaido and surrounding the Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio offered me the opportunity to explore new environments, to immerse myself in the landscape, work in tandem with nature and continue my investigations into land art. Climbing Daisetsusan, hiking in Shiretoko, breathing in the lake at Akan Mashu, traversing the marshes in Kushiro, bathing in the hot springs of Noboribetsu, and sketching in the Tenjinyama Park, this art residency has allowed me to meditate on, reconnect with and reinvigorate my deep respect for nature. The resulting artworks are a collaboration with nature and because nature is ephemeral, these pieces existed only for the duration of their making and were captured in videos, photographs, and an installation of some of my collaborative tools.