Theatre on a cart 演劇のリハーサルを公開します!10/3と10/7

ArtistEventNews 2021年9月29日

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2021年度国際公募AIRプログラム(swimming in AIR)招聘アーティスト、チャさんが地元の参加者の方たちと公開リハーサルを行います。


日時:10/3(日)・10/7(木) 10:30-12:00


会場:さっぽろ天神山アートスタジオ 1階 共有サロン






Tra Nguyen, one of invited artists for Tenjinyama’s International Open Call 2021 “swimming in AIR”, is holding a public rehearsal with local participants in Sapporo.

We are going to connect Tra in the United States with us in Sapporo.


Date and time  October 3rd + 7th, 2021, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Place  Atrium in the first floor of Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio


Each rehearsal, though filmed altogether, is going to be finalized as different theatre.


We are looking forward to inviting you on Sunday to be a witness of the process of this theatre!

The theatre work based on the recordings of this rehearsal is going to be exhibited in Tenjinyama Art Studio in late October. It’s also going to be a good one!


  * The cover photo is from our previous rehearsal, which was held on 26th of September, 2021.